Why Agile Works in the Real World By @Datical | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

We’ve all heard or read about the reasons Agile is good from the business or project management perspectives, but when it really comes down to it, how much do those reasons actually move the needle for the people on the front lines who are trying to implement Agile?

As the Agile team becomes more efficient and successful, they begin to wonder how they can extend these benefits beyond the development team. I suspect that the success of Agile teams was one of the reasons for the birth of the DevOps movement, as development teams began to wonder about whether they could extend Agile towards concepts like continuous delivery or deployment, and began to pull in their IT Operations brethren.
In organizations that are successfully practicing Agile or DevOps, the DBA team is starting to think through how they will support all of this increased release velocity. Historically suspicious of automation, and for good reason, the DBA team is starting to acknowledge that the manual processes and script writing they’ve depended upon will hamper their ability to keep up with development and operations. They’re beginning to wonder if there’s a better way for them – a way in which they can safely and reliably support the increased velocity from Agile workflows without losing control…

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