Which cloud is right for you?

The cloud industry is booming and almost every day, you hear a new platform or service from a company. The number of cloud-based products and services that are available today is truly mind-boggling. Amidst all this, how do you know which product is right for your company at this given point in time?

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make it the type of cloud that’s right for your organization.

Broadly speaking, there are three types of clouds, namely private, public and hybrid. A public cloud is the standard cloud resource where the provider creates the resources or platforms for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything. However, this is a public service that’s available to all Internet users, which means, you’ll be sharing the same infrastructure with other users.

Private cloud offers the same benefits as public cloud, except that you’ll be using a proprietary infrastructure that is not shared by other users. In other words, a private cloud is an infrastructure that’s dedicated to a single organization, but offers the same advantages such as flexibility and scalability.

A hybrid cloud, as you would’ve guessed by now, is a combination of private and public cloud with interoperability.

Choosing which of these is right for you is anything but easy. Here are some questions that can point you in the right direction.

What is the geographic spread?

If your organization has only one office or if you’re looking to downsize by moving all your IT operations from in-house, a private or hybrid cloud is your best bet. However, make sure that you meet the IT disaster recovery requirements as laid down by the PCI DSS standards.

What’s the monthly budget?

What is the IT budget you have in mind? Research shows that there are 12 different IT costs you should keep in mind while framing your budget and while calculating the total cost of ownership with cloud computing costs. In general though, if you want to keep costs to a minimum, a private cloud is a good choice.

How old is the infrastructure?

An important question is to determine the age of your infrastructure. If you’re using an old one and it’s time to replace, then opt for a public cloud as everything is handled by the provider. You can even consider a hybrid cloud infrastructure, if you ‘re particular about using proprietary hardware.

Have you ever been hacked?

If yes, then private cloud is your best bet as it greatly reduces the chances of hackers getting into your system. Today’s public cloud security has also improved greatly, but still a private cloud is better from a security standpoint.

We hope your decision has become much easier now. let us know what you think.

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