What’s the New Unified Compute Platform from Hitachi?

Hitachi has unveiled a new Unified Compute Platform designed for customers who’re looking for hybrid cloud strategies.

This new platform, powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, is a fully integrated and software-defined data center (SDDC) rack scale platform that gives customers the flexibility to deploy their product using an integrated SDDC stack. The other choice is to deploy by themselves using Hitachi’s vSAN ready node and the underlying Vmware software.

So, how is this platform from Hitachi useful? First off, it gives customers the power to deploy and manage applications by automating the process of monitoring SDDCs.  Also, this adds an extra layer of security through VMware’s NSX networking software that’s built into it. As a result, the entire system is micro segmented, thereby making it easy to secure it.

Probably, one of the key aspects of this software is that the hybrid cloud enabler and the cloud management software built into it makes it easier than ever before to move your work seamlessly between private and public clouds.

To top it, the entire on boarding process took less than five hours at Hitachi’s labs, though we’re yet to get an idea of how long it would take in the real world that comes with many dependencies.

These features sure make UCP an attractive option for customers who use hybrid cloud.

If we look at Hitachi’s products in general, they’re mostly innovative and are based on customer’s expectations. This product too came out of Hitachi’s customer feedback, which was to have real-time analytics built into a product, so they can make decisions faster  and can get their products and solutions to the market faster to get a competitive edge.

This is not all. Hitachi is also embracing many modern technologies and products such as Intel’s SkyLake and NVMe to provide critical services for managing data.  Going forward, we can expect to see many more such innovative products that will ease the work of customers and maybe even make cloud-related technologies a more attractive option for all segments of businesses.


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