What were the fastest growing Amazon Web Services products in 2017?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has just secured $5 billion in quarterly revenues – but what are its most popular products?

According to 2nd Watch, a managed cloud provider and AWS partner, the fastest growing AWS products used by their customers in 2017 include data crunching tool Amazon Elastic MapReduce, with a 24% CAGR, network monitoring offering CloudWatch (23% CAGR) and serverless product AWS Lambda at 18%.

The growth means that 92% of customers polled by 2nd Watch are using CloudWatch in their organisations. Amazon Simple Storage, AWS Data Transfer and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud were used by 100% of respondents.

“We are seeing enterprise customers adopt new services at a much faster rate than in years past, product like Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, Amazon Workspaces and AWS Glue,” said Jeff Aden, co-founder of 2nd Watch. “These products make provisioning, growing and monitoring of AWS incredibly easy, and allow enterprises to focus on their core businesses.

“Large enterprises are capturing the benefits of cost savings, while decreasing their time to market and increasing their ability to make informed decisions,” added Aden.

In total, AWS issued 497 service and feature releases over the most recent financial quarter. New products launched at re:Invent included efforts focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence. The most evident of these was Amazon SageMaker, a service aimed at helping developers build, train, and deploy machine learning models.

Other fast growing AWS products in 2017 included Amazon Chime, an online meeting and video conferencing tool, and AWS Glue, a fully managed ETL (extract, transform and load) data service.

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