What IT departments need to do to prepare for cloud adoption

Cloud computing continues to gain acceptance amongst enterprises and as a result, software vendors are working hard to meet the need.

Specifically, enterprise IT has had to address the challenges concerning security, integration with internal applications, performance, and reliability of the cloud.

With the combination of maturing platforms, generational and cultural shifts, and compelling economics, cloud-based solutions are fast becoming the undeniable choice for nearly all future non-core technology purchases. Once adopted, the cloud is inherently scalable and can be up and running within hours, designed specifically for an organisation’s needs. 

From our own research and insights into Axway customers, we predict that by 2014 the cloud will be the primary operating model for enterprise IT organisations, bringing unprecedented change to IT and a competitive advantage to early adopters. Put simply, by 2014, cloud computing will ultimately redefine the role of enterprise IT itself.

So, with cloud adoption taking …