What does the new dropbox look like?

Dropbox has come up with a new design that’s colorful, vibrant and definitely more attractive than the current design of white and blue. The logo has also undergone a change and it’s a lot flatter than before. As a result, the logo looks like it’s inside a plane rather than a box, and it is hands down cool and elegant.


This is the first time that Dropbox has redesigned over the last decade. If you look at the design of Dropbox’s competitors such as Box, iDrive and the like, you’ll notice that all of them are plain and predictable. Probably, Dropbox wanted to stand out amongst its competitors and this is a way to do it. The redesigned Dropbox looks absolutely wonderful when compared to its competitors.

Another possible reason could be that Dropbox wants to appeal to the younger generation as a cool app to use. In fact, the new typeface called Sharp Grotesk is well-liked by the millennials, so that could be a reason for the redesign.

An official statement from Dropbox also affirms to this idea that it wants to stay ahead of its competitors and maybe even create a strong impression and brand image in the minds of its customers.

In addition, Dropbox wants to establish itself as a tool to bring together teams and ideas, rather than just a place to store files. For this new outlook, Dropbox needed a brand new design.

In many ways, the new design is an ode to the creativity of its designers as it is both expressive, playful and at the same time, comes with rich images and vibrant colors.

However, besides the logo, the rest of the web and app user-interface is the same; the standard white with blue and gray accents. This may change over time, but for now, the new colors seem to be more on advertising and marketing campaigns than the actual user-interface. ALready, Dropbox has put up posters and hoardings on many major cities to project itself as a hipster brand that helps everyone to store and sync files.

Let’s see if this marketing and designing strategy gives Dropbox the edge it needs in the competitive file sharing market.

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