Weekly Roundup: Amazon Fires from all Guns

Amazon continues to add more features to make AWS more appealing to enterprises and developers. Also, Rackspace has announced the launch of Rackspace Cloud Backup and introduced new features on Rackspace Open Cloud Servers.
Here’s a quick summary of cloud happenings over the last week.
IaaS leader Amazon has added some advanced features to Amazon VPC coupled with the simplicity of Amazon EC2. Users are now allowed to use features like assigning multiple IP addresses to an instance, changing security group membership on the fly and adding egress filters to your security groups. New features to VPC include DNS Hostnames, DNS Name Resolution, ElastiCache and RDS IP Addresses. Next, they have announced that AWS Elastic Beanstalk will now support Node.js applications. Users can now build event-driven Node.js applications and can also use Elastic Beanstalk to deploy and manage them on AWS.

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