WebRTC Summit Power Panel: The Future of WebRTC

WebRTC is the latest superhot topic emerging from Cloud Expo, and emerging from the worlds of open-source development and cloud computing worldwide. The WebRTC mission is deceptively simple: to enable rich, high-quality RTC applications delivered to browsers through JavaScript APIs and HTML5. It is already the result of a few years of dedicated effort by an enthusiastic developer community.
In this WebRTC Power Panel on November 6 at 7:10 pm at the 1st WebRTC Summit, the distinguished lineup of expert speakers will focus on such topics as:
WebRTC for telcos – is there a real business opportunity?
Is Skype a WebRTC Killer, or is WebRTC a Skype killer?
Peer-to-peer use of WebRTC
Integrating WebRTC with Web Audio
The Voice-Enabled Web
P2P communication in the browser
The monetization of WebRTC

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