Webinar | How to integrate the cloud into your existing IT estate



All businesses are being encouraged to move to the cloud or ‘go digital’, but the reality is that most IT departments have a slew of applications and an established estate. How can the cloud and this existing estate work together?

This webinar brought to you by Business Cloud News and Interoute will take you though some of the typical deployments that we’re seeing with customers’ existing IT estates and the problems they are facing. We will then walk through some of the tools we’ve developed allow you to connect your existing infrastructure to the cloud, enabling you to have a fully integrated estate of old and new.

The key piece to any technical transformation of business is integration and control, an all-encompassing base strategy of consolidation, renewal and integration of old & new. You need to establish a bimodal model of IT, and this session will show you how.

  • Analyse and profile existing IT estates
  • IaaS, PaaS, and what they mean
  • How do your users access your services
  • How to build a platform to link all of your IT
  • How the Interoute platform can help you integrate everything, without changing everything


William Morrish, Director, Cloud Services, Interoute

William has been working within the network and hosting industry for over 18 years fulfilling roles from technical design to customer sales engagement. He now runs Interoute’s IaaS product globally for sales & marketing.

This webinar will take place on Tuesday 15th September at 4pm UK time.

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