Vue Entertainment and Urban Airship to deliver UK cinema tickets through Google Pay

Clare Hopping

10 Dec, 2018

Vue Cinemas and customer engagement platform Urban Airship have teamed up to offer customers the opportunity to queue jump with Google Pay.

Cinema-goers can now purchase tickets in advance in person or via Vue’s website so when they attend a film showing, they can walk straight into the cinema screen without needing to queue at the box office.

“We know that more and more customers are using mobile wallets and we always move quickly to adopt technology that will improve customer experience,” said Dan Green, head of digital at Vue Entertainment.

“Our commitment to launching broad distribution for Google Pay movie tickets is a great example of understanding customer behaviour and reacting quickly to give them what they want. It will also enable us to offer enhanced personalisation which we know customers value.”

Apparently, this will save customers some of the 52 hours a year they spend queuing for various services.

When a customer purchases the ticket using their Google Pay account, the tickets are saved to their digital wallet and added to their lock screen ahead of the showing, so they can flash their phone to the attendants rather than searching through their phone for a confirmation.

As an add-on to the integration, Airship has implemented a personalisation mobile wallet movie experience, offering tailored recommendations and discounts to customers based on their purchases.

“Bringing physical and digital experiences together is more important than ever to streamline both customer interactions and business operations,” said Brett Caine, CEO of Urban Airship.

“Through our close work with Google Pay and Vue, we’re bringing mobile wallet movie tickets to everyone’s smartphone, eliminating the hassle of standing in queues, searching through emails for confirmations or having to first download another app. It’s all about getting guests to the best seats, concessions and the big show more quickly.”

The Vue Google Pay integration will debut in Vue’s paperless venues before being rolled out to other sites across the country.