VMware Hosting Provider StratoGen Offers Free Migration Service

StratoGen today announced the launch of a free migration service aimed at helping larger businesses migrate their on-site VMware footprint into a hosted environment, aiming to both ease and reduce the cost of the transition to the cloud.

“I’m really delighted to be able to announce this service” said Karl Robinson, Vice President of Sales. “For larger organizations moving to the cloud can be a hugely expensive and complex process. Careful assessment and planning is needed to ensure business continuity, along with comprehensive testing to ensure security policies are in place and business applications function correctly. By offering this service free of charge we have taken away one of the last barriers for cloud adoption.”

Engineers in the migration support team at StratoGen hold the highest level qualifications in VMware and Cisco technologies.

Recent surveys have repeatedly shown that business issues rather than technical problems are holding back organizations from migrating to the cloud. The latest report from the Cloud Security Alliance found that data privacy, testing and assurance were top issues.

Organizations planning their migration can also benefit from a consolidation of business applications. According to a recent Cap Gemini report 85% of respondents said their application portfolios were in need of rationalization.

“There is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to planning a migration of this type” commented Karl. “We’ve helped countless organizations make the transition to private cloud hosting and enjoy the performance , resilience and agility that StratoGen offers.”

The StratoGen VMware platform is built on Cisco, HP and NetApp components and is available in multiple data centers across the US and Europe.  The company recently announces plans for additional datacenters in New York, USA and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For further information see StratoGen VMware.