Virtualization & Aggressive Cloud Computing Adoption Produce Big Benefits

The discussion examines the full implications of IT virtualization, and how accretive benefits are being realized — from bringing speed to business requests, to enhancing security, to strategic disaster recovery (DR), and to unprecedented agility in creating and exploiting applications and data delivery value.
If you look at SAP, you find literally thousands of development systems. You find a lot of training systems. You find systems that support sales activities for pre-sales. You find systems that support our consulting organization in developing customer solutions.

From a developer’s perspective, the first order of business is to get access to a system fast. Developers, by themselves, don’t care that much about cost. They want the system and they want it now. For development managers and management in general, it’s a different story.
For training, it’s important that the systems are reliable and available. Of course again for management, it’s the cost perspective. For people in custom development, they need the right system quickly to build up the correct environment for the particular project that they’re working on.

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