Using Artificial Intelligence for Evil | @CloudEXPO @CylanceInc | Cloud #CIO #AI #DataCenter #Security #ArtificialIntelligence

Artificial intelligence is positively affecting our world in previously unimaginable ways across many different industries. The use of AI is particularly interesting in the cybersecurity industry because of its unique ability to scale and prevent previously unseen zero-day attacks and for automating complicated analysis and processes at machine speed. But just in the way drug cartels built their own submarines and cellphone towers to evade law enforcement, so too will cyber-criminals build their own AI systems to carry out malicious attacks.

AI is a force for good and has demonstrated great success thus far in security applications; but AI can also be used for evil. Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cylance, will cover the basics of AI technology, how AI is currently being used for evil and suggested ways to combat AI attacks.

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