UK’s G-Cloud may struggle to hit targets, says report

A report from VMware has revealed the adoption of G-Cloud is not progressing as expected with many senior public sector IT staff sceptical about the process.

VMware interviewed nearly 200 IT heavyweights about G-Cloud, the UK government’s cloud service which will attempt to reduce IT costs by £200m per year and have 50% of IT spending coming through public cloud services.

Yet there wasn’t universal agreement on whether these targets will be hit, with only 30% saying the £200m cost-saving was attainable and a whopping 63% saying the government would struggle to achieve their plan of half IT spending through the cloud.

Overall consensus was that people were split on G-Cloud, with 45% of respondents saying they were in some way positive about G-Cloud compared to 41% who were indifferent or negative. 

The Cloud Store – an app store launched in February designed to make buying IT services more …