UK Survey: Public Cloud Not Considered Safe Enough by 87 Per Cent of Businesses

City Lifeline, the central London colocation data centre, has found that private Cloud is the more popular choice for businesses, with 63 per cent choosing private over public. Although the results, which come from an on-stand survey carried out at this year’s IP Expo, also demonstrated a growing understanding of Cloud in general (only 4 per cent of businesses claimed not to understand it), 87 per cent felt that private was safer than public.

Roger Keenan, managing director at City Lifeline said, “With technology, security risks should always be considered, but they do not need to become obstacles. Our aim at this year’s IP Expo was to increase understanding of Cloud among businesses, so they can make the most of all it affords. Both public and private Cloud have merits, but security should not be a concern with either if you are working with a reputable provider”.

Although acceptance of the Cloud as a concept continues to increase, the Federal Cloud Computing Survey recently found that security was one of the top challenges facing businesses when they consider the Cloud. However, City Lifeline found that privacy and security issues surrounding the Cloud in general are quickly becoming a thing of the past, with only 37 per cent of respondents letting this stand in their way. 41 per cent of businesses believe there are no obstacles at all, so why is there such a discrepancy around public over private?