Top Tech Gifts of 2017 from Team GreenPages

Just in time for your last minute holiday shopping! Here are our picks for the top tech gifts this holiday season, chosen by Chris Williams, Tony Ramsey, Tim Ferris, David Jones, and me, Jake Cryan. Hopefully, this will help you find something for the techies on your list!

Chris Williams
Enterprise Consultant

2nd Generation Amazon Echo
All of the same features and sound quality of the original Alexa, but smaller, more stylish, and cheaper at $100!

Nintendo Switch
It’s a great gaming platform both for at home and on the road. With several great games already and more coming out in time for Christmas, now is the time to get it!

Fitbit Charge HR
I’ve been using this fitness wearable for the past year and it’s still the best mid-range priced device out there. Compatible with both Android and iPhones, synchs with phones GPS for running, biking and hiking and many more activities. If you want to go high end, get the Fitbit Ionic and you’ll upgrade to waterproof (for swimming) and built-in GPS.

Tony Ramsey
Practice Manager, Network & Security

Bose Sports Wireless Earbuds
Bose is well known for the best quality sound, however, these are perfect for any type of sport and listening to music or audiobooks. They’re also weather and water resistant, perfect for use anywhere. The best part is, if you lose them, there’s an app that will help you find them!

Quadrocopter Drone
This drone is great for beginners, kids and adults alike. It also comes equipped with a 720P camera and one key return. You simply press a button and it’ll fly back to its place of initial take off! You can also control it by remote control or smartphone. Plus, at $60 you won’t be breaking the bank for your first drone.

Tim Ferris
Solutions Architect

2nd Generation Amazon Echo Dot
The perfect starter device for your home. If you aren’t ready to make the plunge and buy an Amazon Echo, invest in the more affordable, Echo Dot. This simple device gives you access to all of Alexa’s skill and the ability to control a variety of smart home gadgets. P.S. most retailers are currently offering it for a discounted price before the holidays.

David Jones
Enterprise Consultant

Amazon Echo & Wink Hub
One Two Combo
I use this combination of devices to control my entire house. Lights, fans, door locks, you name it. I’ve created “macros,” so by telling Alexa “goodnight,” she will turn off most of the lights in the house, dim the remaining, lock the front door, and set the thermostat. It’s pretty amazing stuff. I also use it in conjunction with sensors, and my garage doors to automatically turn lights on when certain doors opened (like the one to my basement) without having to fumble in the dark for a light switch.

Jake Cryan
Digital Marketing Specialist

Skyroam Solis

A 4G LTE global wifi hotspot and power bank. As an avid traveler, this is the perfect device to connect to fast wifi anywhere in the world. It helps me get online when I’m away, whether it’s for work or personal reasons, I get access to high-speed internet in over 100+ countries. I had it with me while on a recent trip to Iceland and no matter how deep into the isolated snowy tundra I was, it worked perfectly. The bonus of the Solis is that it’s also packed with a 60000 mAh power bank, allowing you to charge your gadgets while you are on the go.