Three unbeatable security advantages of cloud-based solutions for your business

Cloud-based solutions have never been more popular than ever. Proponents and opponents have their reasons to keep debates fuelled, but small to mid-sized businesses shouldn’t ignore the security benefits cloud can offer.

Higher standards

Implementing cloud-based solutions for your business is certain to bring a higher standard of security that your in-house IT team or a locally managed system is unlikely to achieve.

Multi-factor authentication: Small to medium-sized businesses don’t have the time, resources, or skills to implement higher security standards like multi-factor authentication. With hacking techniques becoming more effective every day, your systems and data aren’t necessarily safe with just a combination of a unique login ID and a complicated password.

Multi-factor authentication verifies user identity via more than one verification method from independent credential categories. These verifications combine something that the user knows (password), something that the user has (hard token), and something that the user is (fingerprint).

Physical security: When it comes to physical security of their data and facilities, small to medium-sized businesses can only do so much to prevent breaches. But cloud computing vendors can employ stronger physical security measures at their facilities to ensure data safety.

IT support providers are also equipped to prevent data loss from natural disasters, power outages, and common errors with well-documented disaster recovery plans.

Security certificates: Businesses can’t afford to take chances with their data, and compliance and security certifications make it easier for organisations to trust cloud computing providers. Providers with cloud security certifications are sure to employ individuals who are qualified and experienced with configuring cloud servers and keeping client data secure.

Some businesses are also required to be compliant with stringent rules depending on the industry they belong to. For small to medium-sized business, acquiring these certifications for themselves can not only be difficult, but expensive.

Less room for error

Advancements in technology reduce the need to rely on humans for many tasks. Since manual effort is not required for tasks that need to be replicated, using technology for those jobs directly translates to fewer errors.

When it comes to cloud computing, there’s no reason to worry about data being stolen as a result of misplacing storage devices or laptops and mobile phones. Since data is stored on the cloud, the loss of a physical device does not affect the data – though of course it is worth noting that if you lose a device and it contains sensitive data then you could be in trouble with the authorities.

Cloud providers also ensure their employees are on the same page and drawing from a single knowledge base. As experts performing as a team, cloud-based solutions and IT support services can be just what you need to achieve project success.

Patch management

Patch management involves installing and managing patches or code changes on all systems within a network. These patches improve systems, keep them up to date, and fix security vulnerabilities to keep hackers and malware at bay.

Security patches need to be applied to daily use software products diligently; it’s also necessary to test the patches to ensure they’ve been applied correctly. Because of this, patch management can be a tedious task for IT admins. And since not all small to medium-sized businesses have the resources to carry out this task, it can eventually put their systems and data at risk.

Cloud-based solutions allow for patch management with comprehensive scanning to identify missing patches. Deployment is efficient, and you can select a patch management tool that offers reporting capabilities to match your business’ unique requirements. Proactive monitoring and timely solutions with managed IT solutions not only mean data security but reduced downtime and increased productivity as well.