Three main barriers between AWS and businesses

Recently Gathering Clouds’ friend and cloud computing expert David Linthicum dug into a few ways in which AWS continues to create gaps between its offering and businesses.

While Linthicum focused on cost, contract, and utility-based computing issues, we thought we would explore a few other obstacles that still keep AWS from full enterprise adoption.

While we are sure AWS will eventually figure out how to crack the enterprise, (especially as enterprise IT becomes more comfortable with the cloud) there are aspects of the service that still don’t go far enough to fulfill the requirements of the businesses that are still tentative about cloud adoption.

1) Compatibility issues: AWS created*planned* conflicts with integrating with other systems.

Without any  compatibility between AWS-specific tools, platforms and environments with in-house systems (no matter which platform a business is running in house – VMware, Windows, Citrix, etc., Amazon won’t be compatible), businesses either …