The Value of an End-to-End Cloud Computing Operating System

“The productization of Big Data will be an interesting trend to track, and I think we’ll start to see some significant investment in this area over the coming months,” noted Scott Sneddon, Vyatta’s Director of Cloud Solutions, in this exclusive Q&A with Cloud Expo Conference Chair Jeremy Geelan. “We at Vyatta think this trend is exciting,” Sneddon continued, “because these kinds of new ventures will always need powerful and creative networking and security solutions.”
Cloud Computing Journal: Agree or disagree? – “While the IT savings aspect is compelling, the strongest benefit of cloud computing is how it enhances business agility.”
Scott Sneddon: Whether you’re a mature company or an emerging business, time-to-market is critical to success. Rapid deployment of network infrastructure or a new product line always requires capital. The companies that win always optimize their cash flow and keep plenty of it on hand to seize opportunities. That opportunity could be a critical executive hire, an undervalued target acquisition or a necessary engineering build-out. Either way, cloud computing when executed correctly can directly impact how nimble companies can react to market opportunities.

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