The Role of Open Source in Cloud Computing Innovation

Open source software stacks offer a huge amount of customization so the cloud being built does what is expected – and without huge licensing fees.
A recent article on asks, “How can open-source cloud management tools like Eucalyptus, CloudStack and OpenStack impact the adoption of cloud technology?”
Lowering the barrier to entry
Most organizations adopt cloud to optimize their IT investment, to improve existing services or to support new business and service models, according to the article. In this scenario, open-source lowers the barriers for new organizations to build their private cloud.
Facilitating custom clouds
Many organizations appreciate that open source allows great customization to meet individual requirements. They can build a differentiated cloud service to meet customers needs.
Open-source clouds beget more clouds
Open source also encourages and supports innovation in the development of new cloud products.
User-supplier collaboration makes a better cloud
Collaboration between technology providers and users is a huge advantage in the open source arena. In open source projects, the project roadmap is driven by user needs. That means features will meet real end-user expectations.

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