The Private Cloud Is Dead; Long Live the Private #Cloud | @CloudExpo

Depending on whom you listen to, the private cloud is either dead or on the cusp of a major market breakthrough. Some tech pundits argue this technology has already been replaced by more efficient public cloud offerings and businesses just need time to catch up, while others claim there’s a bright future for private solutions.
Research supports the latter – according to IDC, spending on hosted private cloud services should hit $24 billion by 2016. Why? Because there’s real value in this model. Here’s a look at five compelling advantages of the private cloud.
It’s Not On-Premises (Necessarily)
As noted by a recent Business 2 Community article, there’s a critical misconception about the private cloud still making the rounds even after years of corporate adoption: that it must be on-premises. At first glance, the idea makes sense – public clouds are always hosted off-site because they cater to multiple tenants, while private alternatives come with security of locally deployed servers.

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