The growth of Chinese cloud computing

China is the latest country to realise the full potential of cloud computing as they are now pushing a huge amount of money into it.

Chinese cloud computing now accounts for 3% of the global cloud computing market share, which in monetary terms equates to an awful lot – especially if you consider the fact that the market was said to be worth around $90 bn US dollars back in 2011 and it has continued to grow exponentially since.

Growth Plans

It is expected that the Chinese cloud computing market will grow to around 117.4 billion CNY, which is equal to $18.6bn US dollars, or £11.5bn, by 2013.

Furthermore, it has been reported that the Internet Society of China predicts that the country will have reached 1 trillion CNY by 2015 – a simply staggering amount of money!

The Chinese government is said to be encouraging the growth of …