The Gap Between Shadow IT & Traditional IT by @JeffHDS | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

Business users can conjure new applications, send messages and share information around the world at the speed of light from their mobile devices. But just because they can, doesn’t mean they should – all this sharing and collaboration can have consequences on businesses’ security. Sending this content without consulting the IT department can bring ruin to the best laid plans of an entire organization. There, in the dark regions of Shadow IT lurk the evils of illegality, non-compliance, data loss, information leaks and content theft. For example, a doctor puts patient data on her tablet so she doesn’t have to carry a pile of charts on her rounds. The tablet is stolen and HIPPA regulators are not happy. A marketing guy puts a product roadmap presentation into a file sharing service that gets hacked and future product details are leaked to the press. A salesperson loses his computer bag at an industry conference and price lists and customer contact information are now in the hands of the competition.

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