The Data Explosion. Are We Ready? (or Not)

In 2013 business will continue on the path of big data, bigger opportunities, and evolving their recipe of how to innovate in an environment of emerging risks. This is article one in a series about the future of cloud technology and the business of Big Data – and how to harness the risks of a data-driven world for growth and sustainability.
Since the very beginnings of trade and commerce, it has been a commonality that most information exchange between buyer and seller, customer and business, was treated as a discrete, confidential, and almost intimate affair. Trust was earned, not given.
Consider the not so distant history of the local American bank. Banks have been collecting personal information about their customers for decades, harkening back to consultations over a notepad, paper deposit slips, and hand-written applications. The reputations of applicant and banker, buyer and seller, were local reputations, with personal and professional references limited to the confines of the community and the reality of proximity.

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