The cloud skills gap is getting wider, argues Interoute exec

“Anyone starting a company right now would have to be completely bonkers to build their own infrastructure,” roars Interoute chief technical officer Matthew Finnie.

Finnie is a man never short of an opinion or two, and with the number of born in the cloud companies increasing, this seems like a pretty safe bet. But here’s another view: the skills gap in the industry continues to get bigger.

“You’ve almost got two- or three-speed adoption to the cloud,” he tells CloudTech. “You’ve got a bunch of early adopters, guys at Dropbox, Netflix who’ve embraced it and done very well on the back of it. You’ve then got a middle tier, and then you’ve got a group of, more generally speaking, enterprise guys, who are circumspect about the cloud.

“And I think to some extent, what you’re looking at is some of the cynicism, or …