The Cloud Is the Future

“Big Data eliminates the data silos that formerly existed, improving the depth and quality of analysis that can take place,” observed Scott Kinka, Chief Technology Officer at Evolve IP, in this exclusive Q&A with Cloud Expo Conference Chair Jeremy Geelan. “Without these barriers, Kinka continued, “we gain access to information that was never before available. We can see where there are underserved markets, opportunities, problems that need to be addressed.”
Agree or disagree? – “While the IT savings aspect is compelling, the strongest benefit of cloud computing is how it enhances business agility.”
Scott Kinka: Agree and disagree. You can’t really separate the two. Here’s why: agility is the ability to not buy more than you need. It is the ability to add resources when you need them rather than having to overspend and overbuy upfront on the idea that one day you might need more.

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