The Case for Disaster Recovery Services Beyond Business Continuity By @Stratustician | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Disaster Recovery isn’t a new concept for IT folks. We’ve been backing up data for years to offsite locations, and used in-house data duplication in order to prevent the risks of losing data stores. But now that cloud adoption has increased, there have been some shifts in how traditional Disaster Recovery is being handled.
First, we’re seeing increased adoption of cloud-based backup and disaster recovery. Gartner stated that between 2012 and 2016, one third of organizations are going to be looking at new solutions to replace current ones particularly because of cost, complexity or capability. These new solutions not just address data, but the applications themselves, and are paving way for Disaster Recovery as a Services (DRaaS). Unfortunately, there is still some confusion as to when cloud services may suffice for disaster recovery, or if looking at full-fledged DRaaS makes more sense for organizations. Let’s explore four of the key considerations when it comes to DRaaS and cloud backup services.

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