Technology Companies Select SoftLayer over Competition

Today’s hottest tech companies are relying on SoftLayer Technologies to achieve the scalability, performance and the time-to-market they require. Companies like AppFirst, Cloudant and Struq are turning to SoftLayer to rapidly develop and build-out their online services, because the company delivers a flexible Internet-scale platform that meshes virtualized and physical resources, all available in real time, on demand.
“Confusing pricing schemes, long term lock-in contracts and performance bottlenecks were pretty much all we saw when we contracted with other big cloud providers,” said David Roth, CEO of AppFirst. “Our solution is constantly streaming data from thousands of servers residing in more than 70 countries worldwide and we can’t afford a sub-standard platform. SoftLayer invested in what we needed most – amazing automation that allows us to be in control and no long-term contract or exorbitant prices. SoftLayer delivers a top-notch solution for business like ours, running on both virtual and physical servers, delivering a best-in-class networking infrastructure.”

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