Symform Gets $8 Million B Round

Symform, the SETI-like cloud storage and backup start-up, has pulled down an $8 million B round led by WestRiver Capital, which now gets a board seat.
Existing investors OVP and Longworth Capital also kicked in. Symform is expecting to bring a strategic investor into this round at some point. It doesn’t know who yet but wants $3 million from whoever it is.
Three months ago Symform rounded out its $9 million A round when WestRiver first bellied up.
The B money will be used to finance the growth and global expansion of Symform’s Cloud Storage Network, now represented in 138 countries, up from 46 at the end of last year. The start-up says it’s seen 100% quarter-over-quarter growth in customer accounts, which are supposed to number in the thousands, and the number of devices on the Symform network and data files stored jumped 50% in the March quarter.

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