Survey Shows New Opportunities Due To Evolving Cloud Technology

The cloud computing market has greatly evolved in recent years, and many are viewing it as a mainstream and established way of handling part of doing business. A recent survey sponsored by Microsoft and conducted by 451 research found that 70 percent of the opportunity of the 1,700 cloud and hosting customers around the world focuses on application hosting, managed data services like backup and disaster recovery, and security. It also found that IT organizations want cloud solutions that go beyond their infrastructure needs.


451 research


The need for these types of services is particularly high when cloud providers can drive more business by delivering custom integrations, disaster recovery and service-level agreements that are personalized for the organizations needs.


Many businesses that utilize cloud services have a hybrid public-private system. This will give cloud service providers the opportunity to increase revenue by providing value-added services to the customer. Cloud service providers can also gain a reputation and become trusted cloud advisors.


With many businesses already using cloud services or evaluating a deployment plan, it isn’t enough for service providers to have many data centers available at a low price. Trust, uptime, security, performance and technical expertise are what separate competitors. Providers need to be able to align their own values with their customer’s values.


The survey also found that the decision making regarding cloud services is increasingly moving away from the IT manager and towards the higher level management. Chief Information Officers (CIO’s) and Chief Technology Offers (CTO’s) are the ones leading the transition to the cloud. Just over half of the survey participants claimed this to be true in their organization.


You can download the survey results on the Microsoft Website.

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