SoftLayer Delivers Rapid Scalability to Game Developers

Interruptions from outages, network lag and scalability issues caused by unpredictable usage patterns can mean “game over” in the competitive world of online game development. With a wide array of Internet-scale cloud infrastructure options – including dedicated, virtualized and managed servers – SoftLayer Technologies has become the go-to provider to some of today’s top game developers. Online gaming companies such as Broken Bulb Game Studios, East Side Games, KIXEYE, Hothead Games and Storm8 rely on SoftLayer to provide a platform where they can develop, test, launch and run their latest games.
“Working with SoftLayer gave us the right mix of dedicated and pure cloud-based resources,” said Robert Nelson, CEO of Broken Bulb Studios. “We have a robust platform that can support our massive bursts in user adoption when rolling out new games. This is because we’re able to easily provision any and all IT resources while overcoming network latency issues, giving our users a great online experience.”

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