Slack targets admins with latest certification programme

Bobby Hellard

17 Jul, 2020

Slack has launched an online certification programme for administrators to learn more about using the platform at an enterprise level.

There aren’t any real requirements to become ‘Slack Certified’, as the company is encouraging any and all levels of candidates to apply, regardless of experience. Although, it does suggest the most successful applicants will have six to 12 months of “real-world” experience as Slack admins or users.

This is also the entry point for a larger Slack certification, which is an “ecosystem of courses and badges” the firm is offering to help build skillsets for future jobs. A few “selected” candidates can also benefit from a $300 scholarship in Slack administration, which covers two attempts at the final exam.

Slack believes administrators will be a highly desired role for the so-called new normal and sees value in investing in their development. It will be hoping to take advantage of its huge popularity among startups and small businesses by encouraging Slack veterans to build on their existing skills and take these on to larger companies.

“Being a Slack admin is more than rolling out a new tool,” said Christina Kosmowski, the VP of customer success and services at Slack. “It means fearlessly undertaking the process of changing how an organisation works. We’re inspired by our admins and committed to their success – not only in their current organisation but also in their careers.”

For those that apply for the courses, there are a new set of controls to get used to, starting with ‘Message Activity’ which details the reach, impact, and engagement of Slack messages.

The updates also include further tools to drive integrated productivity apps, such as Google Calandar and Microsoft Calendar. This also includes a streamlined tasks manager called ‘Centralised Channel Management’ which is available for Grid plans. With this, admins will have one main dashboard to view and manage channels across their organisation. All it takes is a few clicks on the dashboard to rename, archive, and edit permissions.

Those interested in the course can sign up here.