SkySQL CEO Patrik Sallner on MariaDB, MySQL and why structured data won’t go away

Patrik Sallner, the CEO of Finnish database proprietor SkySQL, wants to make something clear. His company’s latest product, MariaDB Enterprise, was not designed with a certain Redwood-based relational database provider in mind.

“We’re not specifically targeting Oracle or anybody else here,” he tells CloudTech. “We’re just making an offering available which we clearly know there’s a strong demand for.”

This appears to be the company line, although other tech outlets, from The Register to ZDNet, thought otherwise.

The MariaDB Enterprise product, announced last week, is built upon the open source MariaDB Server and Galera Cluster software, on the Linux OS, and is offered as a renewable one year subscription package either on-premise, virtualised or in cloud.

Sallner instead describes the update as “something which is feasible for somebody without deep MySQL expertise”.

The product’s high availability comes from being able to cluster databases without a …