Seven Criteria for Evaluating a Blockchain Business #ExpoDX #FinTech #Blockchain #DigitalTransformation

The insane world of cryptocurrency may be chock full of schemers, scammers, and sharks, but there is more to the world of blockchain than crypto.

In fact, the blockchain story is bifurcating, with crypto and all its craziness on one side, and enterprise blockchain on the other.

While it may be fun to poke our stick at the former, Intellyx’s focus is on enterprise digital transformation – which means that bona fide blockchain-based business models are a key part of this ongoing story of disruption.

Regardless, we receive numerous pitches every day from all manner of blockchain-based companies, from the most serious to the silliest.

When we set up a briefing with one of them, we need to quickly determine which camp it belongs in: serious enterprise play or crazy crypto?

We’re not alone. If you’re interested in this space, regardless of whether you’re an investor, participant, or potential customer, you’ll need to separate the wheat from the chaff yourself.

Here, then, are our seven criteria for evaluating such companies – criteria you may find useful as you navigate the turbulent waters of blockchain.

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