Scalable Chat Room App in 15 Minutes

I’ve been using WaveMaker since I started working at the startup in 2008 and it has been a great IDE for quickly creating robust enterprise AJAX Web applications integrating SQL databases, and SOAP/REST Web Services. Along came Cloud Foundry and deploying those applications on a scalable platform became just as quick and easy as WaveMaker made it to build them. Add PubNub to the equation and you get the power of real time messaging in an instant. No complicated servers to configure and no expertise required to start using the service – just a few lines of code to start sending and receiving messages.
In this tutorial I will walk you through how to build and deploy a basic chat room application in under 15 minutes using PubNub, WaveMaker, and Cloud Foundry. You can deploy to whatever application server platform you like, however, in this tutorial, we are going full-cloud so there will be no installation required. WaveMaker Studio runs in Cloud Foundry, PubNub’s messaging service is cloud-hosted, and we’ll be deploying to Cloud Foundry, so no need to install an app server either.

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