SAS and Siemens partner on AI for cloud and IoT data

Clare Hopping

4 Apr, 2019

A new partnership has been launched that will give Siemens customers access to SAS advanced and predictive analytics through the open IoT platform MindSphere.

The deal will focus on creating new IoT edge and cloud-enabled services, integrating machine learning and AI to reduce operational risk.

With near real-time embedded AI for IoT applications on the edge of the network, the collaboration will enable businesses to experiment with their IoT applications in a much freer way. The integration of SAS and Siemens platforms will increase workplace productivity by providing better insights into IoT use, the company claims, and will offer businesses the chance to implement optimised asset performance across the organisation.

Specifically, SAS and Siemens are targeting their combined tools at the manufacturing, healthcare, energy and utilities, smart cities, transportation and automotive industries.

“SAS is a recognised world-leader in advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We are excited to leverage their analytics in MindSphere,” said Stephen Bashada, executive vice president and general manager of Siemens MindSphere. “The combination of Siemens’ deep industrial domain knowledge with SAS’ deep analytics knowledge is a powerful step forward for IoT.”

The partnership will offer both new and existing customers the opportunity to port and deploy SAS models into MindSphere, with access to its analytics capabilities.

“Siemens remain unmatched when it comes to revolutionising operational assets, software and processes. Siemens is committed to digitising the world’s industries and provides a unique platform for IoT to realise its full potential through AI,” said Peter Pugh-Jones, Head of Technology, SAS. “This partnership can accelerate adoption of the transformative value of IoT for our customers.”