Salesforce joins the CNCF recognising the power of containerisation

Salesforce has joined hands with the leading force in the containerisation space, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF),

Being the owner of Kubernetes, the popular open-source container orchestration tool, the CNCF has gained momentum recently with a large number of renowned cloud technology companies joining it in 2017 such as AWS, Oracle, Microsoft, VMware, and Pivotal.

Salesforce, although a Software as a service (SaaS) vendor, has realised that containerisation provides a way to more tightly control the development process and seeks to gain a piece of the action from this association.

Mark Interrante, SVP Engineering at Salesforce announced the partnership in a blog post on Medium and said it is imperative to adopt new technologies like Kubernetes quickly as they help create products faster and easier.

He said, “We’ve seen how containerization simplifies the orchestration of software across a large fleet of servers. Kubernetes makes a great foundation for continuous innovation/continuous delivery which then improves our software delivery. This kind of collaboration, with Salesforce as an active participant in open technology ecosystems, is key to helping us move forward.”

Salesforce’s development teams have adopted many of the CNCF tools apart from Kubernetes.

Yesterday, we highlighted a range of new and updated projects from the CNCF.

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