Salesforce and the banking industry align as both bet on mobility

For bankers, mobility has become key. Customer-facing mobile banking applications are increasing the flow of traffic through digital channels, which is eroding traffic in bank branches. But it does not stop there: the mobile-enablement of services to increase the productivity of banking employees and drive sales effectiveness in remote locations is also on the rise.

The digital channel revolution is having a significant impact on banking via physical channels, and mobile apps for banking employees will play a pivotal role in this. More and more, branch-based employees move around with their tablets and smartphones to assist customers, while mortgage brokers, financial advisors, and corporate bankers increasingly conduct duties and work with clients outside branches.

In cases like these, remote access to corporate systems is essential. Salesforce has now launched Salesforce1, a “CRM+ platform” (or, as Salesforce calls it, a “Customer Platform”) for developers and software vendors focused on mobile app …