Revenue Management Systems Unveils airRMexpress for Small Airlines

Revenue Management Systems (RMS)  is launching airRMexpress, a new cloud-based airline revenue management solution designed specifically for small airlines.

With airRMexpress, RMS brings the advantages of powerful forecasting and optimization capabilities to a whole segment of the airline industry that was previously underserved. And RMS delivers it at a price that is affordable. In addition to forecasting and optimization, airRMexpress also features many other tools, such as an executive dashboard, flight analysis screens, a report builder and the popular Business Rules manager.

“There are literally hundreds of small airlines around the world today who are either spending too much time making manual inventory adjustments or are using solutions that don’t have all the features they need,” said Scott Schade, CEO of RMS. “We have designed airRMexpress for these airlines so they can quickly and efficiently optimize their seat inventory, thereby significantly improving their bottom line.”

As a cloud-based solution, airRMexpress can be rapidly deployed. Accessing the system via the internet also saves airlines from having to buy expensive server hardware.