Rackspace survey: Hybrid cloud is future for three in five enterprises

You can’t move at the moment for surveys advocating the importance of hybrid cloud strategy – and this latest one, from Rackspace Hosting and conducted by Vanson Bourne, is no different.

60% of IT top brass see the hybrid cloud as the bright, shiny future for IT operations, with a third of that number (19%) completely integrated, compared to only 41% who are partially hybrid-oriented.

The primary reason for hybrid adoption over pure public cloud systems was more control, according to 59% of those polled. This was followed by greater security (54%), reliability (48%) and cost (46%). Overall, it’s safe to say that a majority of respondents saw multiple benefits.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the US is more advanced than the UK in hybrid developments; 80% cited the hybrid cloud as a game changing strategy, compared to just 64% of UK-based respondents.

But according to Nigel Beighton, VP of technology …