Rackspace and OVH launch new European data centres

Rackspace and OVH have announced the openings of new data centres in Frankfurt and London respectively.

The former cited EU and Swiss data protection regulations as part of the reason for its move, while the latter said that ‘in spite of Brexit’ it was still committed to the UK market.

“This marks a significant step forward for OVH in supporting UK customers with a local dedicated gateway into our worldwide network,” said Hiren Parekh, director cloud EMEA at OVH. “We are offering low latency, guaranteed bandwidth and enhanced DDoS protection for all of our customers.” Jeff Cotton, president of Rackspace, said: “Rackspace’s first data centre in Germany marks another key milestone for our DACH portfolio and reflects our investment in the German market.”

The new German data centre means Rackspace will operate 12 worldwide, while OVH is opening its fifth data centre in 12 months, after Australia, Singapore, Poland and Germany.

The two companies have been busy outside of their data centre remits in recent months. In May, Rackspace announced the acquisition of TriCore Solutions, an enterprise app management provider, as well as unveiling their new CEO, former EarthLink boss Joe Eazor. Last month, OVH announced a €400 million (£358.6m) funding round in order to help expand its global strategy.

Also among Rackspace’s recent highlights was announcing a deal with Google Cloud for managed services support, while OVH was named as the top cloud computing vendor in Europe in May in terms of price and performance.