Progress Software and the bet with Node.js after Modulus acquisition #AppsWorld

Matt Robinson, VP technology at Progress Software, explains to CloudTech why the company is betting on Node.js with the acquisition of PaaS provider Modulus.

The deal, announced earlier this week, aims to put progress in the enviable position of offering an industry-beating cloud, mobile, hybrid and on-premise development capability – and according to Robinson, the growth of Node.js, and JavaScript in general, makes this move a no-brainer.

“Modulus is a real purpose built platform for Node developers,” he explains. “We talked to prospects and customers of Modulus and they all say similar feedback of ‘it’s just a natural experience for us to go in and deploy their applications and scale them really easily from a simple user interface.’

“It gives us a way to really attach ourselves to this very fast moving emergent technology,” he adds.

Robinson arrived at Progress after being CEO at rapid app development firm …