Ponemon study: trends with transferring data to the cloud

A new report from Ponemon Institute has shown that 82% of companies have already transferred, or plan to transfer confidential data into the cloud.

The report, entitled ‘Encryption in the Cloud’ and sponsored by security experts Thales, aims to examine current trends and perceptions with storing sensitive information in the cloud.

Broken down, the survey of over 4000 IT professionals across five continents revealed that 49% of respondents had already overseen a transfer of data to the cloud; 33% were “likely over the next 24 months” to migrate; and 19% replied that they didn’t have any plans to move.

Similarly, there is an intriguing balance with regard to liability for secure confidential data in the cloud.

According to the survey, more IT professionals believed that it was the job of the cloud provider (44%) than the consumer (30%) for liability, but could it be argued that these numbers are …