Piston Cloud CTO to Present at Cloud Expo New York

Piston Cloud Computing, Inc., the enterprise OpenStack™ company, today announced its co-founder and CTO, Christopher MacGown, will lead a session titled, “CloudAudit: Cloud Security for Regulated Industries” on Wednesday, June 13 at Cloud Expo 2012 East in New York City.
Regulation of consumer and corporate data is increasing in response to the growing movement into cloud service offerings. Coupled with high-profile intrusions by groups such as Anonymous and Lulzsec, the necessity for a standard way to assess the security of cloud service providers becomes apparent.
CloudAudit is an open standard developed by a Cloud Security Alliance working group that provides an open, common, extensible namespace and interface to enable cloud providers and authorized customers to automate audits, assertions, assessments and assurance for their cloud infrastructure, platform or application environments. This session will look at the CloudAudit API and implementations.

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