Pipeline Magazine Recognizes Global Capacity’s Industry-Leading Innovation of One Marketplace™ and Its Network Builder Application

Chicago, IL, USA, June 23, 2015  Global Capacity, the leading connectivity as a service company, announces today that it is honored to be named the 2015 Most Innovative Operator – Wholesale by Pipeline Magazine’s 2015 COMET Innovation Awards.  The award honors the company’s innovative spirit and reflects the tremendous acceptance and positive impact of Global Capacity’s One Marketplace on the connectivity market.  This award marks the third consecutive year that Global Capacity has been recognized for a Pipeline COMET Innovation Award.

Global Capacity Innovation Award 2015“The Pipeline Innovation Awards are designed to recognize innovations that are advancing communications on a global scale,” adds Scott St. John, Executive Editor of Pipeline.  “Global Capacity’s One Marketplace is a sophisticated solution that brings together customers and suppliers to enable pervasive network connectivity for enterprises, application service providers, and telecommunications companies.  We’re glad to see this innovation honored as part of the 2015 Innovation Awards as simplifying network connectivity is integral to extending the reach of advanced communications and entertainment services today.”

Global Capacity was selected for its innovative One Marketplace platform, the world’s first online marketplace of networks.  One Marketplace delivers unprecedented transparency, efficiency and simplicity to a complex and highly fragmented network connectivity market. Through One Marketplace, customers gain the opportunity to connect locations across the globe to Cloud applications, private peering points and the public Internet, as well as easily and cost-effectively build-out Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions.  There is no other company today that uses innovative software automation and big data analytics combined with physical network interconnectivity in order to buy and sell network services.

“Innovation is a part of the daily business at Global Capacity,” states Jack Lodge, President of Global Capacity.  “Recognition as the Most Innovative Operator from Pipeline Magazine is a testament to Global Capacity’s success in disrupting the status quo in the market with an innovative application suite that fundamentally changes how network connectivity is designed, built, purchased, delivered and managed.”

In continuing to fulfill its promise to simplify how businesses buy network connectivity, earlier this year Global Capacity released Network Builder, the newest application available within its One Marketplace platform.  Global Capacity’s Network Builder delivers a completely unique and satisfying user experience, allowing businesses to build network designs with thousands of connected sites, while offering visibility into a variety of connectivity options.  What would have previously taken weeks to research and design, with Network Builder is now viewed in minutes.  Leveraging a new user interface and “what if” scenario modeling tool, the application visually automates complex analytical processes by enabling customers to filter and take actions on available capacity, distance and location options.

Learn more about Global Capacity and its award-winning One Marketplace platform atwww.globalcapacity.com/one-marketplace.  To schedule a demonstration of Network Builder and learn how to identify the optimal network connectivity between your sites with point-and-click ease, visit Network Builder Demonstration.

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About Global Capacity 

Global Capacity is the leading connectivity as a service company that improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of data network services globally.  Through its One MarketplaceTM, the company brings together customers and suppliers with an automated platform that provides ubiquitous network solutions that deliver on its brand promise of Connectivity Made SimpleTM. Global Capacity delivers its innovative solutions to telecommunication carriers, managed service providers, application service providers and enterprise customers globally.  Additional information can be found at www.globalcapacity.com or by following Global Capacity on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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