Organisations surprised at technical challenges of deploying multi-cloud, VMware finds

Multi-cloud continues to be a major trend as we move into 2018 – and according to a new research report from VMware, organisations need to overcome the inherent technical and skill challenges of multi-cloud deployments for success.

Over half (57%) of the more than 1,300 global IT decision makers in large enterprises polled said that technical challenges, as well as the demand for new skills and staff, were unexpected, critical learnings from managing multiple clouds. Integrating legacy systems and understanding the new technology were cited by 62% and 61% of those polled respectively as the toughest challenges in the process.

As the report puts it, if you haven’t started exploring multi-cloud yet, then you’re already behind so you need to start now. What’s more, VMware says, first year progress is particularly demanding, with technical snafus as well as the usual legacy issues. For those between years two and five, patience is the order of the day, although there are some surprising benefits, particularly around security as organisations become more comfortable with cloud technologies. Beyond year six, the report argues, the possibilities are near infinite, combining technologies such as AI and IoT with confident security practices and a cloud-first organisational posture.

As this publication reported last month, research from BMC Software found that organisations are struggling to manage multi-cloud environments. In this instance, BMC advocated exploring AI and machine learning as it can increase automation in the multi-cloud management process. Plenty of market buzz has been around the concept of late too; witness Cisco’s intention to acquire earlier this month as evidence of that.

“The race to digital transformation is driving the need for global organisations to dramatically speed application delivery, while simultaneously fuelling innovation and becoming more agile in the process,” said Ajay Patel, senior vice president for product development of cloud services at VMware. “With digital business changing how industries operate, organisations are increasingly looking to multiple clouds to support the drive to become more secure, innovative, efficient and agile.

“This study highlights what it takes for a successful multi-cloud approach that not only allows companies to realise the true benefits of the cloud but helps them capitalise on emerging technologies to run a competitive, successful business,” Patel added. “With time, organisations are on a path to reap the full, long term benefits of multi-cloud environments.”

You can find out more about the report here.