Oracle boosts Slack partnership with customer experience integrations

Clare Hopping

21 Mar, 2019

Oracle has unveiled a deeper relationship with Slack, combining its Customer Experience (CX) Cloud with the collaboration platform to make it easier for teams to communicate about sales opportunities.

The tie-up means sales staff will be able to work more closely with others in their organisation, such as account executives, product specialists and contract managers – those responsible for collaboratively close deals – by sharing knowledge of scenarios and building upon each other’s experience.

Staff can have discussions and share deal details on one user interface, making it a much more streamlined process, rather than having to access separate messaging and CRM platforms to find the answers they need.

“As customer expectations continue to change, the way teams work with each other and the role individuals play on those teams, are changing as well,” said Stephen Fioretti, vice president of product management for Oracle CX Sales and Service.

“To support employees as their roles evolve and change, organizations need technology that can enable new ways of working.”

Oracle and Slack’s partnership will also have benefits for customer service staff, providing those in direct contact with customers the communication channel to collaborate on service requests in real time. For example, the contact centre staff can talk to the support team to find a solution to service requests faster.

“The latest integrations between Oracle and Slack will help sales and customer service collaborate more effectively and build on our commitment to providing CX professionals with the tools they need to meet the needs of the Experience Economy,” Fioretti added.