OpenStack Fundamentals: Replacing Nova-Network with Neutron

If you’ve had an OpenStack deployment for any length of time the chances are very good that you are still using nova-network. With the planned deprecation of nova-network right around the corner with Icehouse it’s time to start planning your transition from nova-network to Neutron.
Nova-network is a single monolithic process, that while complicated, handled all your networking needs. Neutron is very different system from nova-network with numerous components. It can be hard to understand how all the different components fit together to replicate the functionality you’ve come to rely on from nova-network.
In his session at the 13th International Cloud Expo®, Chet Burgess, Senior Director, Engineering at Metacloud, will take a look at some of the core functionality in nova-network and show you how it maps to Neutron. He will start by describing a multi-project nova-network setup that utilizes fixed IPs, security groups, floating IPs, and VLANs for project isolation. Over the course of the session he will describe the Neutron components that provide this functionality. By the end he will have a complete Neutron-based architecture that replicates your existing nova-network deployment. Finally he will cover the gaps between nova-network and Neutron today as well as what pitfalls you might encounter during your transition.

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