OneBigDrive chief: Microsoft OneDrive naming “could lead to confusion”

Exclusive Nikola Pizurica, president of the company which provides the OneBigDrive cloud storage app, has told CloudTech that while Microsoft renaming its storage biz OneDrive “could lead to some confusion” for consumers, the company is focused on its own goals.

“We are going our way,” he affirms, although adding he was ‘surprised’ at the time that Microsoft chose to rename to OneDrive.

Redmond had courted angry companies following the renaming  – and it’s worth noting that the latest name had to be changed from SkyDrive following a successful legal challenge from BSkyB in August.

Microsoft’s relaunch to OneDrive was first reported on January 27, while OneBigDrive was launched on January 28. Yet the domain for OneBigDrive was registered back in November 2012, and development started in April 2013.

“We had no idea that Microsoft [was] going to change their name from SkyDrive to OneDrive,” Pizurica [left] explains, although adding …