Obamacare goes live: Healthcare cloud computing in action

Today marks the opening of the online enrollment of government-approved health exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.

As we previously explored, though the law has been a lightning rod for partisan controversy and bickering, one undeniably positive impact of the law has been its emphasis on utilizing burgeoning IT approaches for healthcare, including cloud computing, to enable more people to access insurance coverage.

As Andrea Tse of TheStreet.com reports:

“Within this budding area of lucrative business opportunities is a sweet spot garnering more and more attention thanks in part to a key, fast-approaching October healthcare implementation deadline mandated under President Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA): healthcare cloud computing.”

Through the extension of insurance promised under Obamacare, healthcare IT innovation is set to accelerate, through the exchanges themselves, as well as the digitization of patient data for advanced levels of information sharing and collaboration between …